About me

My name is Madame Caren. Traditional Dominance is my passion, which I live out sensitively, but with sustained rigour and consistency. 

You are lucky that your path is leading you to me.

In my private, discreet slave-factory I await the submissive and/or masochistic gentleman. Here you are allowed to enjoy your dreams, fantasies and obsessions under the control of my guiding hands and my dominant presence. I also like to take care of beginners.
On one hand BDSM - scenarios and bizarre role plays will be influenced by my caring attention and on the other hand by the necessary distance.

To let our session become a highlight I always will have a sensitive and detailed preliminary in which we clarify your preferences and taboos carefully. As everybody is different every slave needs a personal education plan to achieve the desired results. Due to this, you will not find any kind of "one size fits all" session-plan or timetable at all. 
As I am a traditional dominatrix I strictly refuse any kind of sexual contact, but the way I will dominate you will show you highly erotic bliss and impressive moments you will never forget.
I want to emphasize that I am a very open-minded woman, but I, too, have limits, and I do not practise everything I am asked to. Forget about asking for scatplay, strangulations, wrestling as well as all kinds of actions that may be harmful or violate the law of this country.
If you want to request an appointment with me I recommend you to be polite, gentle and show respect. Emails failing to show these elementary rules of submissive behaviour will be ignored, as well as any kind of text messages on my cell phone.

If you want to contact me please use the details given on my website . 
Please notice that right now I am not looking for 24/7 slaves, private servants or personal slaves.


Madame Caren